Lowe’s Sweepstakes – Lowes.Com/Survey

Lowes.Com/Survey is the official site where you can take the Lowe’s Survey and can win $500 as a gift card. 

We will guide you with all the steps of Lowe’s Sweepstakes and help you participate in the $500 Lowe’s customer satisfaction survey. 

What is Lowe’s Survey ?

The Lowe’s Survey is a customer feedback program run by Lowe’s, a well known US home improvement and appliance store chain. 

The Lowe’s Survey’s major objective is to collect customer comments and feedback on many areas of their shopping experience, such as product quality, customer service, store cleanliness, and overall satisfaction. 

Lowe’s uses this data to improve their products, services, and overall customer experience.

Who can Participate in this Survey ?

Participation in the Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is typically open to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Legal Residency: Must be a legal resident of the United States or Canada.
  • Age Requirement: Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Receipt of Purchase: A recent purchase at Lowe’s and the receipt with a survey invitation are typically required.
  • Non-Affiliation: Employees and their immediate family members of Lowe’s and its affiliates are not eligible.
  • Sweepstakes Entry: No purchase necessary for entering the sweepstakes (where applicable).
  • Entry Limit: Generally, one entry per person per survey period.

Lowe’s Survey Rewards or Prize Details 

  • Monthly Rewards: Every month, five winners are chosen.
  • Prize Amount: Each winner gets $500.
  • Prize Form: The $500 is given as a check.
  • Tax Responsibility: Winners may need to pay taxes on their prize.
  • Prize Safety: Once received, keeping the prize safe is up to the winner. Lost or stolen prizes are not replaced.
  • Substitute Prizes: If, for some reason, the original prize can’t be given, a different prize of equal or greater value might be offered.

How to take Lowe’s Survey Online ?

Taking the Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey online is a straightforward process. Here’s a step by step guide to help you through it:

Step by Step Guide to Take Lowe’s Survey Online

Step 1: Obtain a Receipt

  • To start, you need a valid receipt from Lowe’s. This receipt should contain an invitation for the survey along with a unique survey code.

Step 2: Visit the Survey Website

Step 3: Choose Language

  • Once the survey page loads, you may have the option to choose the language in which you want to take the survey (e.g., English or Spanish). Select your preferred language.

Step 4: Enter the Receipt Details

  • Enter the details from your receipt. This usually includes the survey code or receipt id (18 digit code), which is a unique identifier for your visit. There might be other details required such as the time and date of your visit, which can be found on your receipt.

Step 5: Start the Survey

  • After entering the necessary information, click on the button to start the survey.

Step 6: Answer the Questions

  • The survey will consist of various questions regarding your recent experience at Lowe’s. These might include questions about the quality of service, cleanliness of the store, the behavior of the staff, and overall satisfaction. Answer all questions honestly and thoroughly.

Step 7: Provide Personal Information

  • At the end of the survey, you may be asked to provide some personal information such as your name, email address, and phone number. This information is used to enter you into the sweepstakes.

Step 8: Submit the Survey

  • Once you have answered all the questions and filled in your personal details, submit the survey.

Step 9: Sweepstakes Entry Confirmation

  • After submitting, you should receive a confirmation that you have been entered into the sweepstakes. Keep in mind the rules regarding the limit of one entry per month per person or email address.

Additional Tips:

  • Timeliness: Make sure to complete the survey within 7 days of your receipt date, as entries are only valid within this time frame.
  • Eligibility: Check the sweepstakes rules to ensure you are eligible for entry (e.g., age and residency requirements).
  • Accuracy: Be accurate in the information you provide, both in the survey responses and your personal details, to ensure your entry is valid.

By following these steps, you can successfully complete the Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey online and enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win.

Alternate Method

  • If you are unable to take the survey online, you can enter the sweepstakes by mail.
  • Fill out a postcard with the following details:
    • Your full name
    • Street address (excluding P.O. Boxes)
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP Code
    • Daytime telephone number
    • Email address (if available)
  • Place the completed postcard in a standard #10 size business envelope.
  • Mail it to the following address:
    • Lowe’s 2022 Customer Satisfaction $500 Monthly Survey Sweepstakes
    • P.O. Box 2274
    • Framingham, MA 01703-2274
    • United States of America

This alternate method allows you to participate in the sweepstakes by traditional mail.

Lowe’s Feedback Survey Questions

Question NumberSurvey Question
1Based on your recent visit, how likely would you recommend Lowe’s?
2Were you shopping at Lowe’s for your home, business, or both?
3Are you or your spouse active Military, a Veteran, or a current Guard or Reservist?
– Yes
– No
4What was the reason for your visit to Lowe’s store?
– To browse/seek information
– To buy product(s) and/or service(s)
– To exchange/return merchandise
– To pick up pre-ordered merchandise
5On your recent visit to the store, please rate your satisfaction with the following:
– Associates friendliness.
– Amount of time to check out.
– Did you find assistance quickly (optional; please answer if you need help)?
6Did a Lowe’s associate greet you before checkout?
– Yes
– No
7Did an associate thank you at checkout?
– Yes
– No
8Thank you for your feedback. Can you answer additional questions?
– Yes
– No
9On your recent visit, please rate your satisfaction with the following:
– Lowe’s values me as a customer.
– Finding the needed services, such as installation services, was easy.
– It was easy to find the products I needed.
– The prices were what I was expecting.
– The quality of the products was what I was expecting.
10Did you need help from a Lowe’s associate during your visit?
11Were all the products you sought during this visit in stock?
12How satisfied were you with the friendliness of the associate at checkout?
13Did your cashier ask if you saved 5% with a Lowe’s Credit Card at checkout?
– Yes
– No
– Does not apply
14What else would you like to tell us about your experience on your recent visit?

Lowe’s Survey Winner Selection

  • Winner Selection: Winners are picked randomly by the Sweepstakes Administrator from all eligible entries.
  • Drawing Schedule: Each drawing follows its own schedule.
  • Notification: Winners are informed by telephone, email, or overnight mail.
  • Response Time: Winners must respond within 7 business days of being notified.
  • Failure to Respond: If a winner doesn’t respond, they lose the prize, and an alternate winner is chosen.
  • Verification: Winners must confirm their name and address.
  • Required Forms: Winners need to fill out and return an eligibility and liability/publicity release form within 7 business days.
  • Prize Awarding: Prizes are given only after all forms are properly completed and returned.
  • Final Decisions: The Administrator and Sponsor’s decisions are final in all matters related to the Sweepstakes.
  • Unique Entry Periods: Entries are only valid for the drawing they are submitted for; they don’t carry over to future drawings.

SWEEPSTAKES Important Dates

Entry Period #Begins (ET)Ends (ET)Drawing DateMail-in Postmark Deadline

Lowe’s Sweepstakes Winner list

Below is a list of the most recent winners of the Lowe’s $500 Monthly Sweepstakes. For the complete list of winners, please visit this link.

Month / YearNameCityState
September 2023Cynthia M.GrangerIN
September 2023Frank M.Mission HillsCA
September 2023Donald C.Surfside BeachSC
September 2023Natalie T.DeertonMI
September 2023Gerry G.CharlestonSC

Contact Lowe’s Survey Support Team

If you have any issue, you can contact the support team from here :